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Arsenal featured on For Print Only

Our invitation for the LBJ Presidential Library’s annual black tie gala, The State Dinner, is featured on the For Print Only blog. For Print Only showcases business cards, posters, annual reports, invitations and basically anything that uses innovative printing techniques that make graphic designers all hot and bothered.


Rebranding the Texas Exes

Arsenal is very proud to have worked with the Texas Exes on their new branding that rolled out on January 1. Over the course of several months in 2012, we worked with various stakeholders at Texas Exes to conduct a complete Brand Audit for the organization.


A Hacker, a Hustler and a Hipster Walk Into a Bar…

In many ways, it was like an overly commercialized sports spectacle. The Doritos SXSW Kick-Off Classic. Or maybe we could call it the ChevySamsungNokia SXSW AT&T Fan Experience.

During SXSW it was impossible to walk through downtown Austin without being visually assaulted by logos, swag, pop-up events, lounges, street teams, fully-wrapped RV’s, party busses and plushy brand mascots. And it was all thanks to corporate marketing departments desperately fighting for attention from the 25,000 or so digital trendsetters brandishing their Interactive badges even in locations where they weren’t required as a condition for entry.

Brandy's Pinterest Page

Have you joined Pinterest yet?

Lately, I’ve found myself spending more and more time on a website called Pinterest. If you haven’t heard about it, Pinterest is a site where users create virtual bulletin boards to curate inspiration they find online. Users share ideas, recipes, products, videos and photos, curate their favorite things, and make lists.

7th & Brazos

So we meet again Papyrus.

Was someone high and watching Avatar?

The other day I stepped out for a mid-afternoon snack in the 106-degree heat. On the way back, I admired the new construction along Brazos Street in front of our office. I almost passed out. Not from the extreme heat, but from the nauseating typeface that is now all over downtown corners – laser-etched in metal and embedded in concrete. Papyrus? Seriously? Papyrus has been often used – by people who don’t know better – for things like health spas, new-age help services and anything involving religion.

intern mug

Interns and the dreaded interview…

So, you want to be an intern? Great! I loved being an intern. It was exciting – I was figuring out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and learning something new about this field and myself almost every day. And then one day, I started doing the teaching (with the help of a lot of wonderful people!).

After countless applications, interviews and some great interns, I have a few tips for you about the interview process. In no order of importance, they are:

Arsenal Headquarters

Announcing the official launch of Arsenal.

Russell/Shaw and Arsenal Brand have come together to form Arsenal Advertising + PR.

For the last several years we’ve enjoyed working together as two complementary teams offering our clients a range of marketing services. We worked as strategic partners delivering creative, PR and digital solutions. We liked the results. Our clients did too.

Then we started thinking… why not make it official? As the old saying goes, maybe the whole really is greater than the sum of the parts. And we didn’t just work well together. We enjoyed working together.

We think we’ve landed on the right combination of strategic thinking, breakthrough creative, effective PR, innovative digital ideas and efficient execution. With everything we do designed to connect with audiences in meaningful and relevant ways.

We’re Arsenal. And we’re here to help build your brand. For good.